Adoptable Italian Greyhounds


Meet Marleigh!
6 Months Old

Adoption Info
As you can imagine, we take the adoption process very seriously. We don’t just give dogs to people who ask. The process to become approved for adoption includes an application, phone interview, and home visit. Once you are approved, and if one of the fosters fits your lifestyle and needs, as determined by the home visit, we will put you in touch with the foster home where you can go to visit the dog. If we don't have a fit, we will put you on a matching list.

The adoption fees are as follows:
Up to 6 months $475
7 Months to 2 Years $425
3 Years to 6 Years $400
7 Years to 9 Years $375
10 years and over $275

These fees are sent to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund to offset the cost of medical expenses of the dog being placed, and provide medical care for future rescue dogs. All dogs are up to date on vaccines, HW tested, spayed/nuetered and dentals done as needed.




We are currently taking applications for Marleigh!  
Marleigh is 6 mos old and a very active puppy, she was born without a tail which makes her look different than what we are used to seeing with IG's. She is smart and will need a home who will be committed to keeping her entertained. She loves a good game of fetch and will bring you back the ball with enthusiasm.  Her being unsocialized earlier in her life she finds that new people can be scary but once she trust  her humans is is incredibly sweet.  We have been working on her learning to be more confident with people but it will take time and patience for her, slow and steady is best for her.  
She has good potty habits but being a puppy she still needs to continue house training, we all know its a lifetime commitment with IG's anyway right? So if you just continue with her on what you are currently doing at home you shouldn't have much of a problem. Marleigh  is learning that crate is good, she is currently sleeping in a crate at night, but I know she would love to sleep with her family. Marleigh loves other IG's so we are asking that another younger IG is in her new home or a home with someone who works from home and not gone long hours. Marleigh also need a home with a yard.  We know we are asking for a lot for Marleigh, but this is what is best for Marleigh to make sure she has a successful adoption.