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Adoptable Italian Greyhounds

Meet Mozzie & Pepper
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Bonded pair Mozzie (male) Pepper (red female) came into rescue due to no fault of their own, the new baby became allergic to them, so they had to go.  Mozzie and Pepper are 9 and 10 years old, Pepper is on Thyroid medication which she will be on the rest of her life, its inexpensive and easy to care for, Mozzie has a history of seizures, was on seizure meds for a while but haven't been on meds for about a year now and hasn't had seizures since he's been with us.  We do know that they had always had access to a dog door, and in Mozzie's case it is needed, he likes to go out a lot and pee. They are easy keepers, don't require much, and occasional walk is a treat well enjoyed.  These two are in need a loving home.    

Adoption Info
As you can imagine, we take the adoption process very seriously. We don’t just give dogs to people who ask. The process to become approved for adoption includes an application, phone interview, and home visit. Once you are approved, and if one of the fosters fits your lifestyle and needs, as determined by the home visit, we will put you in touch with the foster home where you can go to visit the dog. If we don't have a fit, we will put you on a matching list.

The adoption fees are as follows:
Up to 6 months $475
7 Months to 2 Years $425
3 Years to 6 Years $400
7 Years to 9 Years $375
10 years and over $275

These fees are sent to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund to offset the cost of medical expenses of the dog being placed, and provide medical care for future rescue dogs. All dogs are up to date on vaccines, HW tested, spayed/nuetered and dentals done as needed.



Meet Valentine

Valentine is ready for adoption!

Valentine is a special needs little girl. Found wandering around in the streets. It was clear to see Valentine had suffered years of medical neglect. It was also clear that though she was medically neglected someone loved her. She is just a little delight to have in your home. She likes everyone and just loves to cuddle with a person. She gets along with the other IG's in her foster home, but definitely doesn't need them. She is house trained and potty pad trained, and loves to eat!

Please read if you are interested in Valentine as she has SPECIAL NEEDS

Valentine at some time in her life has had both of her front legs broken, neither leg was repaired correctly and they are both disfigured and bowed forward when she puts weight on them. One of her back legs is not functional at all, we can't say for sure but most likely a luxating patella that was not repaired so the leg is froze in the upward position and she carries it around. We have consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and it was suggested not to remove the leg and that both her front legs cannot be repaired. Valentine gets along just fine enough with her legs but is very limited to things she can do. She cannot do stairs, she cannot jump up on furniture, she should not be taken out for walks, she does go out to potty, and loves to wander around the yard in good weather. She does love to go bye-bye, so a carry pack or a stroller she would just love going places with her person. She is only 8-9 pounds and easy to take along. In her foster home she is carried upstairs and carried down stairs, she is not fond of tile floors, they seem to be hard for her to walk on, she does great on carpet or floors with some texture for better footing.

Next is when she was found her teeth were all rotten, and she had a broken jaw. After a couple of surgeries to remove all her teeth we have been able to save most of her jaw, though she does have a little floppy on her right side of her jaw and most times her tongue hangs out.

Next is she has low thyroid so she is on daily thyroid medication that she takes twice a day, this will require testing every 6 to 12 months for thyroid levels and medication for the rest of her life.

Next is that both her eyes has partial displacement of vitreous into the anterior chamber which indicates partial loss of the lens attachments. She will always need prescription eye drops twice a day along with opthixcare (over the counter) eye lube for dry eye. She will need regular ophthalmologist specialist visits to preserve her eyes and vision, right now she is only required a visit every 6 mos.

Lastly Valentine showed elevated kidney levels when we got her, she was put on a kidney friendly diet which has decreased the kidney levels but suggest that she will need to stay on a kidney friendly diet and have kidney levels check occasionally, best time to do that is when she has her Thyroid levels checked.

Being up front with you, this will all cost approximately 1250.00 a year for maintenance this includes medications. She is such an adorable little girl and such a love. Her age is approximately 7 years old so this could go on for another 7 years or longer. She is an adult persons dog, and needs someone who wants to doat on her, she needs someone who can pay attention to her. She needs someone who will not overfeed her and keep her weight good so her little legs can support her. In the winter time she needs to stay warm.

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